New Cash Loophole System on Dragons Den Scores Huge Investment!

Two best friends decided to give something to the society and change people’s destiny forever. They created the Bitcoin Trader, a brilliant software that allows any unexperienced investor to become rich almost overnight.

The two entrepreneurs decided to go big and presented their idea during Dragon’s Den show. No one would have expected that they could convince the dragons invest in their idea. However, they trusted their software and made a live demonstration during the show.

Bitcoin Trader Makes The Dragons Go Crazy About The Software!

Deborah Meaden wanted to take part in the live experiment and she invested 250 pounds right during the show. The transfer was easily made online from her credit card. Within minutes she saw how the Bitcoin Trader started to work for her and made the first 73 pounds.

This was the moment when the dragons became crazy about the software and started bidding for 25% of the company. Peter Jones was the one who made the first offer, putting 2 million pounds on the table for 25% of the company. Touker Suleyman prepares a counteroffer and he proposes 2.5 million pounds for 25% of the company.

Peter doesn’t want to miss the opportunity and he improves his offer to 2.5 million pounds for 20% of the company. He manages to convince the two friends and this officially became the biggest deal ever made in the BBC hit show.

How Does Bitcoin Trader Really Work?

Everyone saw how Deborah’s earnings grew in just a couple of minutes. While on TV things might seem amazing, we wanted to see if things work the same in reality.

Therefore, we tested the application ourselves. If you want to invest with Bitcoin Trader you need to know that the minimum investment is of 250 pounds. The platform charges 2% of any earning you make on the website.

The Bitcoin Trader uses the “short selling” algorithm which means that it buys bitcoins when the prices go up and down. In 5 days after we invested the first 250 pounds we made 630 pound profit. For a newbie who doesn’t know anything about bitcoin trading, this is incredible.

After the first week, the results were amazing. We had a profit of 1,930 pounds. We obtained almost 10 times more than our initial investment without doing anything. All we had to do is just transfer the initial investment in the platform and let the software do the rest of the work.

What Do The Dragons Say About Bitcoin Trader?

Peter Jones, who was the lucky investor accepted by the two entrepreneur, declared in a recent interview that this is the wisest investment he made since he became part of the show. Since he made his first investment into Bitcoin Code Trader featured on Dragons Den, the platform grew over 2,400% in just one year.

Even though Touker Suleyman was not selected as the main investor, he used the platform to increase his earnings. He made 630% increase in his profits without doing putting any efforts or having any particular strategy.

Bitcoin Trader Is A Life-Changer! Everyone can create a new account on the platform and start earning money.

A Few Ways to Wake up With More Energy During Winter Season

Winter is the time when it seems impossible to get out of the bed. However, there are a few ways that can help you wake up during the cold winter mornings and still have an active day.

1. Fix Your Sleeping Habits

If you have bad sleeping habits, you would have more difficulty in waking up. It is important to fix a routine so that your biological clock sets on a regular time and your body knows that its time for it to be up and about.  Thus you should stick to a regular sleeping schedule.

We all are in the habit of checking our phones at night before sleeping. The blue light of our cell phones actually messes up with the melatonin and the sleep hormone in our body. Also when you wake up, do not snooze as the body will become confused whether it’s actually the time to wake up or not.

2. Exercise and Eat Well

The things you do all day also affect the quality of your sleep. Exercising every day can help you falling asleep faster and waking up more refreshed and energetic. Daily exercise will not only help you lose weight but will help you in fighting the seasonal anxiety that most people encounter during the winter months.

Recent research suggests that it is better to having dinner early and avoid eating anything at least one hour before bed. Avoid caffeine later in the day and drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Drinking water not only helps you in staying hydrated but it also keeps you more alert and helps you in combating the mood swings in the winter season.  It is also suggested to drink a glass of water right after you wake up in the morning as it will give a boost to your metabolism.

3. Let the Light In (Or Make It Yourself)

Our bodies are naturally used to the fact that when we see morning light, we automatically become active and ready for work.  Facing daylight helps you get out of your bed and stop the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. However, in winters the daylights comes a bit late than in summers, and thus our bodies feel difficulty to move and go about the day.

The solution to the problem lies within your room. If there is not enough light coming from outside you can place the switches near the bedside to turn them on whenever you wake up. Technology is changing very rapidly, and there are lights and fans available in the market that has sound detectors and voice sensors with them.  Thus, if you can invest a bit of money consider buying those lights and switches so that you do not feel any difficulty while getting out of bed.

You may practice all these things in seasons other than winter too, getting out of bed. Facing the challenging world requires willpower and determination. These habits will help you improve your sleeping habits and will make you feel more productive and useful throughout the day.

The Newest Craze in the 2017 Beauty Industry is Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret!

Dear friends and family!

Lori Greiner Reveals Her Favorite “Shark Tank” Facial Rejuvenation Cream That She’s Used For Years!

The Queen of QVC speaks out about her skin transformation, ageless beauty, and how you can have a wrinkle-free complexion just like hers.

Shark Tank took viewers by storm and gained incredible popularity over the last few years. Any fan is well acquainted with the “warm blooded shark”, so it’s no surprise Lori Greiner is popular with viewers due to not only her wits, but her beauty too. How is it celebrities get it all: the wealth, the wisdom, and the beauty? Greiner’s ageless complexion is jealousy-worthy.

Here’s the good news: the Queen of QVC shared her favorite skin care serum with her fans. The anti-aging product was derived from the TV show Shark Tank. It’s formulated to mimic the results of Botox without the injections! Greiner’s miracle cream tightens skin without drying it out, helps fade lines and wrinkles, and it doesn’t damage the skin. Don’t worry, dermatologists collaborated to create this rejuvenation anti-aging cream together. It’s safe, and there’s nothing like it on the market.

Since Lori spilled the beans, this cream is now available for the public. Before it was a little elusive, available only for socialites and celebs in-the-know. “ Her skin cream is by far the most exciting breakthrough product available. It’s cheap, effective, and a perfect alternative to surgery like Botox,” Hollywood dermatologists comment about this product.

The beautiful TV personality explained how the serum worked for her and she was really amazed by the results. Look younger after one application? We’re sold.

“Hundreds of starts have admitted to using her beauty secret after Lori spilled her secret to fans. Lori’s product helped them skip surgery and look up to 15 years younger!”

So, how does the wrinkle cream work? By combining proprietary biosphere and QuSome, Lori’s anti-aging miracle cream helps fade lines, evaporate wrinkles, and helps to rejuvenate skin on a cellular level. This is how [product] is different than the others on the market.

Even Harvard’s medical team commented on one of the ingredients, saying “Proprietary Bisophere reverses the aging process for your skin”. A case study done in 2016 shows nearly a 65% reduction in wrinkles, fine lines, and crows feet in women over age 30. Due to the high concentration of “PB” scientists and dermatologists have concluded that teh face cream is the only one on the market with the right concentration to be effective.

The second ingredient boosts electrolyte effectiveness because it helps bind moisture. Hydrated skin is glowing, elastic, and plump which means it’s free of lines and wrinkles. The Harvard medical team even commented that Lori Greiner anti aging face cream is the only product currently on the market with the right concentrations of these two ingredients to be effective.

After using it for fourteen days, our editors felt like their skin problems were fixed. Everyone’s skin felt tighter, firmer, and moisturized. Will this work for you? Our verdict: yes! We won’t make promises or tell you how fabulous our experience was… we’ll only suggest you try this magic product for yourself.

Thanks, Lori and Shark Tank!

How To Stay Healthy When Life Gets In The Way?

Consistent planning is of utmost importance if we want to stay healthy. Planning applies to scheduling every work in your life that is meal schedule, exercise schedule, self-grooming time, etc. but a problem arises when we do not remain on track when problems hit our life that is we move away from our planning list.

So, How to stay healthy when life gets busy?

There are a number of factors responsible for keeping our life busy. They can be sickness, the arrival of guests, some family event and many others like that. Following are the ways helpful in keeping us on track even in the case of emergencies.

Have a backup plan ( Over-prepare yourself)

Healthy eating

Backup plans help a lot in the case of emergencies. For instance, if our working hours are too long we should keep healthy food in our bags that does not perish over a longer period of time. We can keep fruits such as apples or raw salad, so when we get hungry we do not get cravings for junk food


Similarly, we need to follow a simple workout that can be done easily at any place. For instance, it can be yoga or simple push-ups.

Take advantage of breaks – Use downtime productively

When we are busy throughout the day that is we work from morning till night, we might not get time to work out. However, we can take advantage of breaks and do our workout at that time, instead of spending that time in gossip or social interaction.

Do what will make you feel good

We ought to do what makes us feel contented. For example, if we have a thirty-minute break it is entirely our choice whether we spend half time for the workout or not if we have a plan to work out at night after work. However, we must keep it mind that something is better than nothing. So we should take full advantage of our break we might not get time at night.

Get back into routine as soon as possible

Set yourself up for success

Sometimes if we fail to follow our routines for one day, we feel pitched off and stop following our routine. However, the most important thing we should keep in our mind is that no matter what happens we have to be successful in following our routines. For instance, if we are on green tea diet we need to keep tea bags in our bag so, if sometimes we are not home we do not miss our routine.

Make it work for you

By following your routine you should feel contented, you should be happy doing your job rather than forcing yourself to do. If you are not happy following your routine, then you should reschedule it. There may be some work out that you don’t enjoy so you can replace it with the one that suits you. It can also be some food that you do not want in your diet you can change it with any other alternative.

DIY Manicure And Pedicure

Have you been looking for your wallet and looking at the manicure and pedicure salon bill and wondering if there was a cheaper way to do this? Or you don’t have a salon near where you live, and you are in desperate need of a manicure and pedicure? If yes, then worry no more because below are easy steps to manicure and pedicure:

STEP 1: Collect the items you will be needing

First and foremostly, you should gather some essentials you will be needing. The items are listed below:

  • Nail polish remover. Remember to have the non-acetone nail polish remover to avoid your nails from getting dry.
  • Nail filer
  • Buffing block
  • Orangewood stick
  • Cuticle oil
  • Nail polish (base coat, color, and top coat)

STEP 2: Take a fresh start

Use that nail-polish remover.

Before you actually start with the manicure and pedicure you need to clean what is already on the nails. For this use the non-acetone nail polish remover and remove the nail paint you already have on the nails of your hands and feet.

Get that nail filer

Next, use the nail filer to smooth your edges and bring your nails to the length and shape you desire.

Don’t forget the buffing block

Remember to use the buffing block. The buffing block can help you get rid of the yellow spots on your nails. Yellow spots on the nails usually appear on the nails due to regular usage of nail paints, but it’s nothing to worry about. Just use the buffing block to remove them. Remember to be gentle while using it.

STEP 3: Your cuticles need your attention

Usually, when cuticles are healthy we pay no heed to them but when they are not cared for we have to face the consequences. Dryness and small tears can cause awful swelling which happens if the cuticles are not properly moisturized. Therefore, during the manicure and pedicure, we must oil them with the cuticle oil. You can also push them back with the orange stick. The cuticle oil will give you nice and clean nails.

STEP 4: Begin with the base coat

If you don’t apply the base coat, there will not be an even surface for your main coat/ nail color. The base coat also prevents the dark nail color to leave stains on your nails. You can choose a base layer from different easily available brands in the market. Remember to choose one according to the type of your nails. Apply a thin layer of base coat, and you are good to go.

STEP 5:  Color your nails

Now choose whatever color you want on your nails and put that nail polish on. Easy as that!

STEP 6: The top coat

The top coat is applied to hide the flaws of the coat of your nail polish, so you use that if you think you have been sloppy. And if you are a pro at putting on nail polish, still put on the top coat to add some shine to your nails.

Now all you have to do is wait for the nail paint to dry, and you are done with manicure and pedicure!

Get Celebrity Like Looks With Their Beauty Secrets

Sally field is an American actress who is famous for her roles in many blockbusters movies. It is said that Sally field has always been known as one of the most beautiful faces of Hollywood. Recently she was in news because of her younger looks. Many of the men and actors adore her beauty because of her skin complexions. She is 69 now and still looks amazing with her beauty complexions and young face. There are many rumors in the film industry relating to Sally Field that she uses Botox to make her skin look tight and young. Many of them say that she has under gone plastic surgery very secretly to keep her face look young. But all this news is completely fake and wrong by all means.

Recently in a talk show Sally field has revealed her beauty secret. Many of the women also want to know about the Sally Field anti aging wrinkle cream which has managed to keep her look young and attractive. She revealed that she uses Innate cream and serum to make her face look young.

Innate Cream: Innate cream works on the wrinkles and fine lines. It reduces the wrinkles and fine lines from coming onto your face. Innate cream will help you to look younger in just a month of usage. Innate cream contains Phytoceramides which is very similar to normal ceramides. This is a plant based ceramide which when applied on the face traps all the moisture that is present in your skin. The moisture makes your skin look soft and plump and also hydrates the skin cell at the same time so that they may not get damaged from the harsh environment. Phytoceramides also boost the production of collagen in your skin which makes your skin look younger and glowing. It also protects the skin against the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It also provides natural lift to your face’s skin which looks very similar to using Botox. It also makes your skin tight and elastic and doesn’t let any kind of wrinkle or fine lines to come on your face. The ceramides also regenerate the dead skin cells which provide the natural glow to your face.

Innate Serum: Innate serum is a skin brightening serum which fights against the aging system of your skin cells. This serum works on your damaged skin cells and heals them to make face look younger and brighter. Ultraviolet rays and dust damages your skin cells as well as clogs the pores of your skin which results in black heads and dead skin cells. Innate serum clears all the clogged pores of your skin and repairs the damaged skin cells so that your face may look young and glowing. Innate serum has many benefits which includes reduction in wrinkles and improving your face complexion. It also removes eye bags and puffiness around the eye area, clears the dark circles and dark spots, improves the face firmness and elasticity and also boosts the productivity of collagen in your skin.