How To Stay Healthy When Life Gets In The Way?

Consistent planning is of utmost importance if we want to stay healthy. Planning applies to scheduling every work in your life that is meal schedule, exercise schedule, self-grooming time, etc. but a problem arises when we do not remain on track when problems hit our life that is we move away from our planning list.

So, How to stay healthy when life gets busy?

There are a number of factors responsible for keeping our life busy. They can be sickness, the arrival of guests, some family event and many others like that. Following are the ways helpful in keeping us on track even in the case of emergencies.

Have a backup plan ( Over-prepare yourself)

Healthy eating

Backup plans help a lot in the case of emergencies. For instance, if our working hours are too long we should keep healthy food in our bags that does not perish over a longer period of time. We can keep fruits such as apples or raw salad, so when we get hungry we do not get cravings for junk food


Similarly, we need to follow a simple workout that can be done easily at any place. For instance, it can be yoga or simple push-ups.

Take advantage of breaks – Use downtime productively

When we are busy throughout the day that is we work from morning till night, we might not get time to work out. However, we can take advantage of breaks and do our workout at that time, instead of spending that time in gossip or social interaction.

Do what will make you feel good

We ought to do what makes us feel contented. For example, if we have a thirty-minute break it is entirely our choice whether we spend half time for the workout or not if we have a plan to work out at night after work. However, we must keep it mind that something is better than nothing. So we should take full advantage of our break we might not get time at night.

Get back into routine as soon as possible

Set yourself up for success

Sometimes if we fail to follow our routines for one day, we feel pitched off and stop following our routine. However, the most important thing we should keep in our mind is that no matter what happens we have to be successful in following our routines. For instance, if we are on green tea diet we need to keep tea bags in our bag so, if sometimes we are not home we do not miss our routine.

Make it work for you

By following your routine you should feel contented, you should be happy doing your job rather than forcing yourself to do. If you are not happy following your routine, then you should reschedule it. There may be some work out that you don’t enjoy so you can replace it with the one that suits you. It can also be some food that you do not want in your diet you can change it with any other alternative.