New Cash Loophole System on Dragons Den Scores Huge Investment!

Two best friends decided to give something to the society and change people’s destiny forever. They created the Bitcoin Trader, a brilliant software that allows any unexperienced investor to become rich almost overnight.

The two entrepreneurs decided to go big and presented their idea during Dragon’s Den show. No one would have expected that they could convince the dragons invest in their idea. However, they trusted their software and made a live demonstration during the show.

Bitcoin Trader Makes The Dragons Go Crazy About The Software!

Deborah Meaden wanted to take part in the live experiment and she invested 250 pounds right during the show. The transfer was easily made online from her credit card. Within minutes she saw how the Bitcoin Trader started to work for her and made the first 73 pounds.

This was the moment when the dragons became crazy about the software and started bidding for 25% of the company. Peter Jones was the one who made the first offer, putting 2 million pounds on the table for 25% of the company. Touker Suleyman prepares a counteroffer and he proposes 2.5 million pounds for 25% of the company.

Peter doesn’t want to miss the opportunity and he improves his offer to 2.5 million pounds for 20% of the company. He manages to convince the two friends and this officially became the biggest deal ever made in the BBC hit show.

How Does Bitcoin Trader Really Work?

Everyone saw how Deborah’s earnings grew in just a couple of minutes. While on TV things might seem amazing, we wanted to see if things work the same in reality.

Therefore, we tested the application ourselves. If you want to invest with Bitcoin Trader you need to know that the minimum investment is of 250 pounds. The platform charges 2% of any earning you make on the website.

The Bitcoin Trader uses the “short selling” algorithm which means that it buys bitcoins when the prices go up and down. In 5 days after we invested the first 250 pounds we made 630 pound profit. For a newbie who doesn’t know anything about bitcoin trading, this is incredible.

After the first week, the results were amazing. We had a profit of 1,930 pounds. We obtained almost 10 times more than our initial investment without doing anything. All we had to do is just transfer the initial investment in the platform and let the software do the rest of the work.

What Do The Dragons Say About Bitcoin Trader?

Peter Jones, who was the lucky investor accepted by the two entrepreneur, declared in a recent interview that this is the wisest investment he made since he became part of the show. Since he made his first investment into Bitcoin Code Trader featured on Dragons Den, the platform grew over 2,400% in just one year.

Even though Touker Suleyman was not selected as the main investor, he used the platform to increase his earnings. He made 630% increase in his profits without doing putting any efforts or having any particular strategy.

Bitcoin Trader Is A Life-Changer! Everyone can create a new account on the platform and start earning money.